Affordability Is One of the AKITA's Design Principals.

When designing and developing the AKITA, ARX Manufacturing really wanted to build a race car that is affordable to obtain and affordable to race.
1000+ hours later, we believe we successfully achived these objectives.

The Adjustability of the Akita Is One of Its Many Positive Traits.

For example, ride heights can be as low as 2 inches or as high as 7 inches to match your handling needs and the track. All four springs and shocks can be swapped in minutes. Caster and camber can be changed with a couple of wrenches in minutes as well.

AKITA' Specifications

  • Wheelbase
  • Overall Length
  • Overall Width
  • Height
  • Weight
    ~ 850 lbs.
  • Chassis
    Welded Tubular Steel
  • Body
    .040 Aluminum
  • Wheels
    13 x 6
  • Tires
    DOT Federal Formoza
  • Engine
    HONDA CBR 1000cc at ~170HP
  • Gearbox
    HONDA 6-speed No Reverse
  • Drivetrain
    ARX Drivebox, RWD No Differential
  • Front suspension
    unequal length double wishbone
  • Rear Suspension
    Semi-Trailing Arm
  • Brakes
    4 Disc & Cockpit Adjustable Front to Rear Bias
  • Shocks
    Aluminum Threaded Body Twin Tube Non-Adjustable, Any Valving
  • Springs
    2.5” Steel, Any Rate
  • Steering
    Manual Rack & Pinion
  • Performance
  • Fun
A·ki·ta ä'kētə

Akita is a Japanese hunting and fighting dog that has a strong muscular body with thick and strong limbs allowing it to move with vigorous precision particularly when hunting. It has a plush water-resistant double-coat fur to endure harsh weather condition. It's slightly webbed paws make it an excellent swimmer.

Akita is naturally aggressive and is a very dominant animal. It is not for the inexperienced owner. It is incredibly intelligent, loyal, loving, devoted and gentle towards its master and family.

In Japan, having an Akita in a household is said to symbolize good health, good fortune and prosperity.